Hand-stitched or laced leather bags

Priced from £45 to £145, your personalised, hand-stitched or laced bag can be hand-dyed in a range of elegant colours; including natural, brown, mahogany, black and antique English tan; and will always be finished with a range of solid brass or nickle-plated solid brass fittings. These incredibly stylish, top quality leather bags are designed to look good for a lifetime

Hand-tooled leather belts

Priced from £15 to £45 my hand tooled and plain belts are individually made to fit any waist size. They are supplied in four standard widths: three quarters of an inch wide, one inch wide, one and one quarter inches wide and one and a half inches wide.

Belts can be hand-dyed in a range of attractive colours including natural, brown, black and antique English tan. Each belt is sold complete with solid brass or nickle-plated solid brass buckle and leather keeper.

Hand-braided belts and wide or shaped belts are made to fit. Please ask for details.

Solid brass belt buckles

In addition to a selection of modern buckles I stock a range of collectable solid brass belt buckles. Some of these are original 1970s and 1980s minted brass plate buckles.

I have a small number of original 1970s motorcycle buckles including Norton, BSA, Triumph, Honda and Harley Davidson. These buckles can be supplied individually or with a custom made belt.

Hand-tooled or carved musical instrument straps

Priced from £20 to £150, a properly measured, hand tooled leather guitar, saxophone or mandolin strap will add consistency to your playing and another dimension to your musical pleasure. All bespoke leather instrument straps are personalised to suit the individual and hand-dyed in a range of attractive colours. www.barefootleather.co.uk

Re-enactment and Living History

I make all kinds of equipment for re-enactment and living history including vambraces, baldrics, and sword frogs plus a range of period bags, belts and soft leather pouches. Each item is individually made, handstitched and finished with authentic solid brass, bronze or white metal fittings. With more than thirty years experience of re-enactment, living history, academic and museum restoration work, I offer a bespoke leather-work service that combines meticulous research with skilled workmanship.

Small leathergoods

I make a range of small hand-made leathergoods suitable for gift shops and souvenir counters. These include keyfobs, key cases, hair barrettes, bracelets, braided headbands and chokers and soft leather pouches. Where possible, these can be customised with appropriate tooling (for example: I supply tooled keyfobs to a number of Christian outlets which are stamped with either a cross or fish symbol).

Bespoke and trade orders

I am very happy to work with you to realise your ideas. I will gladly make items to your design and to suit your precise requirements. I am pleased to accept trade orders for belts and small leathergoods. Please contact me to discuss your needs. www.barefootleather.co.uk

Caring for your leathergoods

Leather is a fabulous material that clearly shows its natural origins. It has deep grainy shoulder sections, softer, smoother belly sections and sometimes it even has ancient barbed wire scars that add character to any leather item. Note: These are natural features, not imperfections.

Hand-made items from Barefoot Leather are finished with either a natural oil, natural beeswax based leather cream or a synthetic polymer finish depending on intended use. To care for your purchase simply keep it clean and damp free, rub a little Skidmores leather cream into the surface of the leather to keep it from drying out and polish with a nice soft cloth.

You should be aware that colours can change in intensity when exposed to natural sunlight. This process will give your new purchase an individuality and character of its own. Enjoy watching your item develop its own unique patina.

I import Skidmore's Restoration Cream direct from Wyoming in the United States and sell at: www.barefootleather.co.uk - Wholesale prices are available for quantity.

Welcome to Barefoot Leather

If you want a unique craftsman-made leather bag, leather belt or leather musical instrument strap then you have reached the right place. Hand-rolled waxed linen threads, solid brass buckles and finest quality leathers combined with attention to detail and skilled workmanship mean years of reliable service. Items can be personalised with initials or a name and hand dyed in a range of colours to suit your requirements.

I can fabricate replacement leather parts for restoration projects but I do not carry out repairs.

'Short run' manufacturing of small leathergoods is my speciality. Clicker press and laser leather cutting to order. Bespoke projects are welcomed.

You can buy my products online at:
or give me a call to discuss your requirements.